Sport and PE

Sport has a high profile at Eversholt and the children perform exceptionally well

Above all, we hope to promote a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity. Children participate in a wide range of physical activities in their lessons including games, gymnastics, dance, orienteering, swimming and athletics. In addition to this teams also take part in a large variety of local sports competitions and festivals.

The Vision

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport produced a vision and strategy in 2015 for an active nation. The Vision is that all pupils leaving primary school will be physically literate and will leave with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

The is that ‘schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport on offer’.

The PE funding we have received:

  • £8,300 in 2014/15
  • £8,290 in 2015/16
  • £8,270 in 2016/17
  • £16,560 in 2017/18 and
  • £16,250 in 2018/19.
  • £16,520 in 2019/20
  • £16,450 in 2020/21

Allocation of Funds

In 2014/15 we spent money on training lunchtime supervisors to become play leaders, CPD for teachers and the Redborne Sports Partnership.

In 2015/16 we introduced the Golden Mile initiative. We purchased new equipment for playtime, including for sports that children had not previously tried, such as archery and curling. We introduced Wake and Shake to the whole school and a Sports Star of the week. We trained children to become Playground Buddies and provided CPD for teachers, specifically in gymnastics and dance. We introduced new club experiences and hosted an intra schools Olympic event. We met and were inspired by Olympians. We introduced Intra Sports competitions and we continued to participate in the Redborne Sports Partnership.

In 2016/17 we continued to provide access to the Redborne Sports Partnership and trained all year 4 children to become Sports Ambassadors. We employed coaches to assist with competition preparation and provided opportunities for the PE leader to network with other leaders of PE by attending the county PE conference. Finally, we enabled all children to try a range of new and exciting activities and experiences. For example, visiting the MK Dons Stadium, golf with PGA coaches, rugby with professional players, Zumba led by a community instructor, a swimming competition, cricket with local cricket players, gymnastics and a dance session run by a local dance school.

In 2017/18 we continued to build upon the success of previous years. The focus was heavily on the 30:30 initiative and looked to better our play and physical equipment outside so that it will be sustainable for years to come.

PE and Sport Premium

‘PE and Sport Premium’ is a funding package as part of the Olympic legacy. Primary schools are given additional money to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

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The Government Childhood Obesity Plan has set out the ambition for all children to achieve 1 hour of physical activity every day, with schools being responsible for delivering 30 of these active minutes. This been developed to help schools reduce sedentary behaviour and increase physical activity in young people outside of timetabled curriculum PE.

What do we do in school to help to promote this?

On our playground children have access to a range of equipment. Dinner ladies and Sports Ambassadors deliver games and activities on the playground for all children. Children also take part in the Golden Mile. This is an initiative to encourage children to run as many miles as they can. They are rewarded with stickers and certificates as well as the added health benefits. So far, as a school, we have ran to the south of France.

We provide activity bags that every child will take home each half term. These have different equipment inside them and children are encouraged to create their own games with the equipment and share their ideas with family and friends. Photos, drawings and videos are to be shared via the DB platform.

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Our achievements

For the past two years, we have achieved the Gold Redborne Key Stage 1 School Sport Award for our commitment and dedication to school sport. We have also received the national Gold School Games Mark Award for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

2019 Tag Rugby Team

We are very proud to represent our school and enjoy competing against other schools. The table below shows our results from the competitions we have taken part in over the past year.

Event Date Result
Sports Hall Athletics July 2019 2nd
Redbourne Cricket July 2019 1st

We also enjoy competing in school. Each half term the Sports Ambassadors (Year 4 children) and the PE leader deliver an afternoon of competitive sport for the children. Children compete in their houses and work together as a team. Over the past year, children have taken part in multi-sports, tennis, athletics, football, archery and we even held a swimming competition last July.

Year Winning House
2019 Howland
2018 Bedford
2017 Bedford
2016 Bedford

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Our PE/Sports lessons

At Eversholt, teachers work alongside experienced professional sports coaches from Premier Sport to deliver our PE lessons.

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have two hours of PE per week. This takes place on a Tuesday morning and a Friday afternoon throughout the year. In nursery and reception, one hour is delivered on a Tuesday morning by a coach and further physical activity is assisted by their teacher throughout the week. As we move into the summer term they too receive two hours per week with a coach and a teacher present.

At the beginning and end of each term children set themselves targets based on the unit of work they are on. These are displayed in the hall so that children can refer to these at the beginning and end of their PE lesson. They also have a small fitness test at the beginning and end of each unit of work. Children enjoy the competitive nature of this and beating their score from the beginning of the term. We currently work alongside Mr Cooksley and Miss Craig. Mr Cooksley specialises in games, he is a keen footballer himself and currently plays for Ampthill Town. Miss Craig specialises in gymnastics and dance, whilst running a popular dance school in Bedford outside of school hours.

For the last half term of summer, children in KS2 receive swimming lessons in the local outdoor pool. This is a tradition going back many generations and has resulted in all children that leave Eversholt School to have a basic level of swimming proficiency, with many of them excelling.

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Sports Day

We hold our annual Sports Day in the Summer Term. This is a competitive event where the children compete for their house. We invite parents and pre-school siblings to come and join our races too. It is a great afternoon, one that the children prepare well for.