Eversholt is an inclusive school that believes every child has the right to thrive

School Ethos

Eversholt Lower School is an inclusive school that supports the needs, well being and progress of every child.
As a school, we provide a secure, nurturing environment with a broad and balanced curriculum for all of our pupils. We recognise, respect and value difference and understand that diversity is a strength. We endeavour to make sure all children are given the right support to reach their full potential and ultimately become independent learners. We work closely with parents and liaise with the appropriate professionals in order for us to do the very best we can for each child.

As a staff, we are aware that the difficulties and complexities some children have may have an impact on their learning and on family life. Our aim is to break down the barriers of communication, social and interpersonal skills and learning to support and nurture each child in a safe and caring environment. Together our children are able to learn skills and positive attitudes towards others that will help them as they grow older giving them the tools to reach their full potential. Our staff are committed to each child, their happiness, learning, well-being and health and safety is paramount.

Stages of Intervention and Support

How children with SEND are identified and supported in our school

All of the children at Eversholt are assessed against a set of skills that enables teachers to track the next steps for learning. This ensures that progress is maximised for each individual and shows clearly which areas of learning need additional support. Half termly pupil progress meetings are held between the class teacher and the headteacher, if either has any concerns regarding a child's progress they will discuss and implement a plan of action.

Children are monitored closely and observed in their class environment. If they are not making expected progress at the anticipated stages of their learning, then the class teacher will offer extra teaching support in a small intervention group in which specific targets will be set to enable progress. The impact of the intervention will be reviewed at the following pupil progress meetings. These intervention groups are fluid and on a needs basis.

Our SEND Policy for Inclusion and Support denotes that children receive timely interventions matched to their area of need to ensure their inclusion and success within our school community, whatever their need or speed of learning.

What to do if you are concerned

In the first instance, we ask families to communicate with their child’s teacher, as they are likely to know your child best in school.
Further communication can be made with Mrs Tracy Lewis our Sendco or contact the Head Teacher, Mrs Miller via telephone on 01525 280298, or via email.

How children have a say

We talk to your children regularly about their wishes and feelings and we ask you to do the same, as this is how we can get the support just right. Our school council representatives help us to know our children better, and your child’s support staff member and teacher will add that personal touch too.

Our governor for inclusion is DR Nathalie Muller. She is always keen to hear the views of parents through our forums, our questionnaires, drop-ins, appointments or emails.

Our network of agencies

As a school, we can refer to other agencies to offer more specialist advice. Please see Local Offer within Central Bedfordshire.
Further information and support available is listed below.