Key Information

Key information about our school

Nestled in a beautiful rural setting, our small class sizes and outstanding results – Eversholt gives your child the perfect start to their school life.

Our legal requirements and expectation is to deliver a school week consisting of 32.5 hours. School is open from 8:45am to 3.20pm.
We deliver 380 sessions or 190 days during any school year to educate pupils and operate two sessions on every school day divided by an hour lunch break in the middle of the day. Five Inset days (teacher training days) are spread throughout the year.

We offer places to children aged 4–9 within the villages of Eversholt, Milton Bryan, Steppingley. We also encourage families from outside our catchment to apply for places.

Founded in 1850 by the subscription of local people, our school has a long history of providing education to children from local communities.

We combine this strong sense of community history with a modern educational approach which recognises that each child is unique, with individual needs for educational support or intellectual challenge. We create a buzz of excitement from pushing boundaries, finding solutions and solving problems.

By doing this, we will have successfully completed the first step in our children’s incredible journey through life and given them strong foundations on which to build the responsible, compassionate and sensible human beings they will become.

Consistent with our aims, we challenge ourselves to constantly innovate and improve, always providing an outstanding education for our children.

Standards at our school have been recognised by Ofsted, whose latest report rated us as "Outstanding" in 24 out of 25 categories. This overall rating of the school was confirmed by Central Bedfordshire Council in July 2011.

Since this point, we have increased our results further and achieved 100% in standardised testing including phonics. This places our results in the top 3% nationwide for all primaries.