Admission Arrangements for September 2024

As an academy, we work with the local authority (Central Bedfordshire) to coordinate admissions into our school.
Our published Admission Arrangements and Criteria document for the September 2024 intake explains the admissions procedure and also provides information on in-year admissions.

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Registration with the School

We strongly encourage early registration of your child with us before the formal admission and application process. Registering your child helps us plan and communicate effectively with you before your child joins the school. Please contact the school for a registration form. We offer school tours during the Autumn Term for children due to start school the following September.

Applying for Admission

Admissions are taken via Central Bedfordshire Council.
Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 are due to start school in September 2024.
You need to apply before 15 January 2024. You can apply for your child here.
National Offer Day for on time applications 16th April 2024

Understanding Intakes
Reception Class intake is in September following your child’s 4th birthday. September marks the start of the school year. The school's pupil admission number (PAN) for Reception is 15.

There are two distinct ways that children join the school:

  1. Reception Class intake in September
  2. Nursery intake in January and April

Eligible nursery children can join the school at the start of the Spring (January) or Summer (April) term following their 4th birthday. Children joining in January and April go into Star class as Nursery Pupils.
The allocation of Nursery places is administered solely by the school. It DOES NOT guarantee you a school place in Reception. Priority nursery places will be given to those children in our catchment area or those who have a sibling in the school. Nursery places can either be taken full-time or part-time - 3 full days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Even though your child is given a place by the school in the Nursery intake, you will still need to apply through Central Beds for a place in the September intake to Reception class. Please note that granting of a nursery place at the school does not automatically mean entry to Reception in the September.

As of 2016 parents of summer-born children have the option to delay their children’s start in Reception by a year. See the Admission Arrangements and Criteria for full details)

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In-Year Admissions

It is sometimes the case that due to families leaving the area, spaces become available in any year group (Reception, Year 1 to Year 4) for entry “in-year”. The Central Bedfordshire Admissions Team maintain a waiting list for places, and parents interested in taking up any spaces that may become available must CONTACT them.

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If you wish to appeal against a decision to refuse a place for your child at the school, you can appeal online or in writing. A Parent’s Guide to the appeals process with a full timetable can be found on The Central Bedfordshire website here.

For appeals during the 2024-25 admissions round (to start Reception in September 2024), you should return your completed form to Central Bedfordshire Council by the date stated on your offer letter.

Primary Appeals Timetable – 2024-25 Admissions Round
Offer Date: 16 April 2024
Deadline for lodging appeals: as stated on your offer letter.

The School Admission Appeal Code advises that Admission authorities must ensure that appeals lodged by the appropriate deadlines are heard within the following timescales:
• In-Year Admission Appeals must be heard within 30 school days of being lodged
• For children due to start school or move into the next tier of school, appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.
• Late appeals which do not meet the deadlines, and appeals made at any other time of year, will be heard within 30 school days of being submitted